Gaming Engine
That's right, we do that

Our proprietary technology delivers a cutting edge suite of features that allow developers the ability to incorporate strong visuals, animations and social services. This modular engine is easy to upgrade and extremely versatile allowing us to operate at high efficiency and across multiple technology platforms.

The Game Engine handles both 2d and 3d gaming and provides a wealth of analytics allowing developers to be proactive with their design rather than reactive.

Our goal is to offer the best of class functionality coupled with the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition with turnkey solutions that are highly adaptive and versatile.

Life Pix

LifePix is a Facebook app that turns photo editing and sharing into creative game play. Add personality to your photos in LifePix, a free Facebook application that enables you to transform your photos and share them with your friends. Create poignant or funny e-cards for friends and family, commemorate and celebrate milestone events with photo books or scrapbooks and track everything on your own customized calendar, all with just a few clicks and a little imagination.