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Our Software Development allows for quick build times, customized and flexible applications as well as various options for platform integration, cross promotion and analytics.

Innitech’s ability to integrate your brand into our software allows for customized promotional applications and games that drive traffic, awareness, engagement, virality and sales.

Our customizable software has been used to develop games and apps on Android, iOS, and other gaming platforms.

Pacific Dog Fighter
(Coming Soon)

Rule the skies as an Ace Fighter pilot in the most intense, action-packed shooter to ever hit the iPhone. The odds are against you as enemy squadrons, choppers, tanks, and more will stop at nothing to blow you out of the sky. The situation is dire, but you must persevere through dangerous missions using assorted upgrades and cunning skill. Only the most accomplished pilot will be able to earn all of the achievements.

Over 350,000 downloads

Starship Battle Force
(Coming Soon)

Control the Galaxy as the commander of your own spacecraft in Starship Battle Force for the iPhone and iPod. Your goal is to seek, find, and destroy the large enemy spacecraft without getting blown away. You'll know the final battle is upon you when you see the massive enemy spacecraft pass below! But you'll only find it and engage with it after shooting and destroying numerous enemy support craft along the way to your final battle.

Tattoo Designs Free

Tattoo Designs FREE – Whatever you're into, find the perfect tattoo. Discover body art you'll want to wear forever with Tattoo Designs FREE for Android. Get tattoo ideas from awesome tattoo designs by amazing tattoo artists. Over 10,000 tattoo pictures are easy to browse through using our simplifying category system. Give your body the best ink. Find tattoos with meaning using this easy-to-use tattoo app.

Over 500,000 downloads

GPS Navigation Compass

FREE Compass App with GPS Markers and Navigation. Lead the way with FREE GPS Navigation Compass for Android. Don’t spend another dollar on expensive GPS devices or tracking systems. This app is a free, easy-to-use digital pocket compass. It’s one less thing to carry when going hiking, backpacking, fishing or whatever adventure you have in mind. Equip your droid device with GPS Navigation Compass.

Marketing Solutions

Great products are created everyday but never make it to consumers. Online marketing campaigns are a great way to success if you can make them work. Improving your point of conversion can be the make it or break it point for your campaign. It starts with successful ads and follows through all the way to the point of purchase. By focusing in on multiple platforms such as Social Media, CPA, SEO and Landing Page optimization you can create a campaign that maximizes the reach to your consumers.

Just creating a great app doesn't mean it is going to make you money. Your focus should be on the development, let us focus on the monetization. We take proven solutions and integrate them in to your application without taking away from the user experience. Our easy optimization process allows you to start monetizing by connecting you with the right consumer.