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Application Marketing Solutions Brought To You By Innitech of Scottsdale, AZ

Applications do more than help you find the best Chinese restaurant in a five-mile radius. They keep you from getting lost; they protect your phone from viruses; they help you communicate with friends; and they turn you into a professional photographer. The app industry continues to evolve, and Innitech, a leader in software development, is helping businesses to leverage apps to increase their market exposure and grow their companies.

Innitech’s software technologies provide multi-marketing strategies. From PPC and Social Media to Landing Pages and SEO software, Innitech is a leader in combining and integrating these technologies to help any company gain the exposure they need for their application.

Todays marketing environment is about integrating multiple marketing platforms. It is also about having the tools to measure the impact these campaigns have product and sales. Innitech’s technologies centralize the use of multiple platforms into one easy to use interface. Using the right tools is key to determining what is working while constantly optimizing for a better ROI.

Staying on the cutting edge of marketing technologies is essential, especially to move your company forward so you can focus on what you do best, growing your company.

Innitech Continues To Build Gaming And Utility Applications For A Variety Of Platforms

Scottsdale-based software developer, Innitech, is becoming a leader in the applications industry. Innitech builds app for both iOS and Android, and their unique software development process allows for quick build times, customized and flexible applications, as well as various options for platform integration, cross promotion and analytics.

Innitech has the ability to integrate a client’s brand into their software, allowing for customized promotional applications and games that drive traffic, awareness, engagement, virality and sales. Not only does Innitech offer development for clients on iOS and Android, they also create their own apps for iTunes and Google Play. Innitech strikes a balance between utility and gaming, developing apps across a wide spectrum. Starship Battle Force, for iPod and iPhone, puts you in control of your own spacecraft while their free GPS Markers and Navigation app for Android provides users with an easy-to-use pocket compass.

With millions of downloads, these are only two of the apps that demonstrate Innitech's commitment to building quality, uncompromised applications for a variety of platforms.

Innitech Is Proud To Announce The Creation Of The Interactive Video Screen Wall

When you walk through the doors at Innitech, you can’t miss the video wall that spans the length of the entire front office. The wall—a custom, from scratch video screen made up of 12 42” monitors—displays Innitech news, a Twitter tech feed, top-rated apps in the Google Play store, and the local time and weather.

The unique display, customized to Innitech’s needs, is made possible through in-house developed software. Innitech is equipped to share this service with others, creating video integration software for specific companies, situations, and environments.

Innitech Launches As One Of Scottsdale's Newest Tech Companies

Forbes Magazine recently called Phoenix the new Silicon Valley. Start-ups are thriving in the Valley of the Sun, and Scottsdale has become the hub for high-tech companies. Innitech, a budding software development firm, proves that big ideas and companies can grow in the desert, not just in start-up Meccas like San Francisco, New York City and Chicago.

Innitech prides itself on innovation, not only in software development, but in creating an environment that invites creativity and growth. Their 20,000 square-foot office features LED lighting, a video wall (made up of 12 42” monitors), a sleep pod and a fully-stocked cafeteria providing daily lunches and endless snacks and drinks (we all know how programmers require a constant supply of energy drinks and potato chips). Employees also enjoy gaming on the 120” video screen or challenging co-workers to a rousing game of ping-pong. In one sentence: Innitech takes care of its employees.

The software start-up attributes its early success to the talent, ambition and energy of its employees. The Phoenix area is bursting with home grown talent—big cities no longer have a monopoly on the best programmers, designers and project managers. Innitech recruits top-notch professionals who are also driven to make an impact in their work and the greater community, creating one of the best work environments in Phoenix.